Harnett & Pope

Liz Whiteman Smith

Harnett & Pope


5 colour screen print, 30 x 40 cm, Heritage White 315 gsm, edition of 50, £60.


This building was built in 1720 and has large windows on the top floors which would have given light to the weavers who worked there. On the wall alongside the street signs in different languages there is a plaque inscribed ‘This is Sclater Street 1778’ this marks the corner of the Sclater or Slaughter family estate. Sclater Street was the centre of a bird, animal and pet market from the times of the Huguenots in the seventeenth century until the 1980s.


This building has seen many owners; its longest occupants were Joseph John Fleming, boot makers from 1886 to around 1930. It is now Harnett & Pope a ladies clothing shop creating accessible luxury clothing which is hand made in London for women of all ages.




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