Frankenstein prints

In Shelley’s time, some people believed that you could bring the dead back to life by running a current of electricity through their bodies. I have created some extinct animals using an electronic circuit board, clockwork cogs, taps, pipes and valves. The quagga went extinct in 1883, but no one noticed so I recreated it with bright stripes so its unmissable.

 When we think of Frankenstein, we think of Boris Karloff’s monster with an overlarge head with bolts through its neck. I have made a new version with clock cogs in mouldy green tones. Today we are creating new types of robots that are ever more sophisticated. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) ran a competition to create robots to perform certain tasks that would be dangerous for humans in combat situations. Boston Dynamics have tried to make the fastest most realistic robots. These are in pretty, pastel colours to subvert the mechanical, sinister overtones.