I am thrilled to be exhibiting at the Royal Academy ySummer Exhibition

I am thrilled that my screen print called “Rainbow Booby” has been selected for the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Liz makes screen prints of colourful dancing blue footed booby birds and playful dinosaurs to make people smile. She also makes more serious prints of London buildings and pubs. She sells these prints predominantly at the Affordable Art Fairs in Battersea and Hampstead as well as through her website.

She creates her artwork by first drawing the image to be printed and then transferring it onto silk screens, one screen for each colour. She pulls the ink through each screen then adds another colour with the next screen, having carefully lined up the paper underneath.

Liz said, “I’ve been screen printing for over ten years now and exhibiting at the Summer Exhibition has always been a dream of mine. The Royal Academy receive around 16,000 applications every year and only hang a thousand, so there is great competition to be accepted. My Rainbow Booby is a celebration of joy and colour. I hope it makes everyone as happy as it makes me.”

The Summer Exhibition opens at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London on Wednesday 18th June and runs until 18th August 2024.

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